Friday, September 14, 2007

Closer to Progress

My yarn for the Lacy Dress arrived yesterday! No surprise, as I had a sneaky suspicion that the UPS guy would leave my package out in the rain, as he always does. It would make sense that my package of yarn would arrive in a HURRICANE! Luckily, it was later in the day, after the rain had calmed down. He actually knocked on the door and placed the package in my hands! (Usually the delivery guys knock and run for their lives, leaving the package out on the porch.)

All that's left is to journey to the LYS in a bit in search of 40" size 6 circulars.

Finished the Oversized Striped Hoodie of Doom. I got a bit carried away with the length, and it's pretty hideous, but hey, it's warm and my stash has diminished. Purpose achieved.

Pictures of the hideousness coming soon.

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